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   Hello, I'm glad you surfed by my homepage. As you'll notice this properly never will be completely finished, that's how it should be 8^) At the bottom of this page there are a history of my homepage, new changes at the top.

   If you would like to mail me there are several email addresses at your disposal. I've compiled a prioritized list of the addresses you can use. The first address will always work, no matter what Internet Service Provider I'll use in the future. There the mail is being "forward'ed" to my real email address, no matter what email address(es) I'll have in the future. But if you want to send big file attachment's you'll properly want to use another email address, check the capacity in the list. Remember that these addresses can and will change in the future, so check the list before sending, I'll keep the list updated with the latest addresses.

   Just as my email being "forward'ed", the same goes for my homepage address. If you "bookmark" http://surf.to/tommytamsen or http://tommytamsen.infoside.dk you'll always land on my homepage, even if I move my page to another server. Unfortunately the surf.to server sometimes goes down, in that case use http://hjem.get2net.dk/tommytamsen/index_main.htm. Only use that address if surf.to is down!

   Enough of that, here comes the list:




tommytamsen@iname.com 3 MB Will always work (unless a meteor comes by). Use that for ordinary mail.
rc.post.tommy@aaa.dk Unlimited At work
tommytamsen@hotmail.com 2 MB Used for MSN
tommytamsen@deepspace.dk 5 MB ??? -
tommytamsen@get2net.dk 5 MB ??? Will properly soon shut down.
tommytamsen@jyde.dk ??? -
tommytamsen@selector.dk 1 MB Now you can send mail to me via my Selector. Use max. 25 letters in subject and 10 KB for the message. No attachments ;-) The mail will then appear on my TV, I have a digital cable TV receiver. If you can read danish, read more on http://www.selector.dk.




2000/10/28   New EMail adresses on this page and multiple hidden features for search engines. BTW. also added HumanClick interface some time ago.
2000/06/12 Made some changes, e.g. a new page with graphics, WAP emulator link corrected and I've updated my WAP homepage.
2000/04/20 Made a WAP page and put a new picture in the photo album.
2000/03/20 Added three new pictures in the photo album and made a new "About myself" icon.
2000/03/11 Added http://tommytamsen.infoside.dk.
2000/03/07 Changed EMail addresses on this page.
2000/02/23 Made a JavaScript to break out of the V3-URL banner frame, a Script to provide a back link if the page isn't in my frame, added an icon file for Internet Explorer 5 bookmarks, made new sound TAGS so the sound should work both in NetScape and Internet Explorer, and a new photo of Betty and Niels in the photo album.
2000/02/18 Added John and Kesom to the photo album.
2000/02/08 Corrected Søren and Silvia's page and added Fluffy to the photo album.
2000/01/27 Added Mogens, Søren, Silvia and myself to the photo album.
1999/12/07 Added Søren Tamsen's ICQ No. and Niels Erik Rasmussen's mobile No. in the photo album.
1999/11/25 Made a JavaScript to detect Voyager Prerelease 5.
1999/11/22 Made a new PGP-ID.
1999/11/08 Added a votingpoll to my homepage.
1999/09/30 Made an animation of me in the About myself page.
1999/09/23 Again something new in the photo album, this time it's Linda & Mathilde.
1999/09/23 Made an experimental JavaScript counter and added Karina to the photo album.
1999/09/17 Now you can send SMS messages to my friends under the photo album.
1999/09/01 Removed tommytamsen@sprit.dk, added logo on each submenu and added <!DOCTYPE> TAG on every page.
1999/08/30 Added Henriette, Ole and myself to the photo album.
1999/08/11 Added Søren and Simon Tamsen to the photo album.
1999/08/09 Added Kim to the photo album again and corrected some filenames because of possible errors (Danish æøå).
1999/08/06 Added Kirsti and Jesper to the photo album.
1999/07/29 Added Allan and Jan Steffensen to the photo album.
1999/07/21 Made some new graphic for the menu.
1999/07/18 Made a CV, in DOC and RFT format, to download under Work experience and stuffed Kim Bjørn in the photo album.
1999/07/16 Has added Betty Søberg Hyldahl in the photo album.
1999/07/12 Stuffed Henrik Nielsen Juncher in the photo album.
1999/07/11 Added WWW/Mail/ICQ buttons in the photo album.
1999/06/27 Made a lot of small changes, drawn new graphics and added JavaScript on every page (phew).
1999/06/11 Made a photo album (under construction).
1999/05/28 Check this out: Haage&Partner.
1999/05/26 Made more JavaScript (check for surf.to) and changed the.counter JavaScript (because of AWeb-II Java-version error).
1999/05/23 Added an ICQ status indicator and debugged JavaScript.
1999/05/08 Made some new graphic and changed my JavaScript (have actually started to learn JavaScript!).
1999/04/29 Oops! My META tags caused error in JavaScript, corrected.
1999/04/22 Added the programs StripPath and Narrator under files.
1999/04/21 Changed graphic, META tags and added MIDI music on file page.
1999/04/17 Nearly all pages translated to english, added page with files for download.
1999/04/15 (DK) Text changed several places, replaced some graphic, added sound to this page, added Jesper Brinkkjær to hyper links and added email table.
1999/04/11 (DK) Small changes here and there.
1999/03/23 "the.counter" Java-Script should work now...
1999/03/18 (DK) Page changed to frame layout.
1999/03/12 (DK) First attempt at an "animated" JavaScript button.
1999/03/03 (DK) Added "About myself" page.
1999/02/24 (DK) New counter and added guest book.
1999/02/18 (DK) Added more links on the frontpage and added PGP-ID page.
1999/02/15 (DK) Updated some links and corrected computer equipment page.