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Work experience

CV to download and print

   This is my Curriculum Vitae (in Danish). There are two versions, one document written in Microsoft Word 97 (DOC) and one saved as Rich Text Format (RTF). Hold shift down while you click on them, if you got trouble downloading them.

Personal details

  • Name:
Tommy Tamsen
  • Address:
Krystalgade 13, st.
8700 Horsens
  • Phone No.:
+45 2218 4610
  • Social security No.:
  • Marital status:

School education

  • Has taken several courses for wood- and metal line at AMU center Randers.
  • On the 1995/07/31th started on Technical Assistant education, 2nd  period.
    Teknisk Skole Randers
    Vester Allé 26
    8900 Randers
    Phone No. +45 8710 0400
    School counselors: Frank Zobbe and Erik Poulsen.
    There I went for 3 years with training at Grundfos Bjerringbro, but I haven't completed/graduated from the school.
  • Started mid. sep. 1999 on PJU (Project, Job, Education) course, at AMU Center Randers. Here I went on training as IT-instructor for 6 weeks, primarily with IT-instructor Henning Wolf-Jürgensen, after that I got 2 weeks of IT-instructor training at AOF Daghøjskolen.

AMU courses

Course Weeks Start End
  • Grundkursus for jern- og metalindustrien
    (Basic course for iron and metal industri)
3 1991/06/10 1991/06/28
  • Grundlæggende datalære, træindustrien
    (Basic course IT, wood industri)
1 1991/08/26 1991/08/30
  • Grundlæggende datalære niveau II
    (Basic course IT, level II)
1 1991/09/02 1991/09/06
  • Grundlæggende NC/CNC, træindustrien
    (Basic NC/CNC, wood industri)
1 1991/09/09 1991/09/13
  • Måleteknik for operatører, metalindustrien
    (Measurement technique for operators, metal industri)
2 1991/11/18 1991/11/29
  • Plade- og rørarbejde, metalindustrien
    (Sheet- and tubework, metal industri)
5 1992/08/10 1992/09/11
  • Betjening af værktøjsmaskiner, metalindustrien
    (Operation of tooling machines, metal industri)
5 1993/08/02 1993/09/03
  • Pladeudfoldning, metalindustrien
    (Sheet folding, metal industri)
1 1994/05/20 1994/05/27
  • Pladebearbejdning, metalindustrien
    (Sheet work , metal industri)
3 1994/05/30 1994/06/17
  • CNC pladebearbejdning, metalindustrien
    (CNC sheet work, metal industri)
2 1994/06/20 1994/07/01
  • Maskinpasserkursus 1, træindustrien
    (Tooling machine operator, wood industri)
4 1995/04/24 1995/05/15

Work experience

  • In 1986, IT-instructor for beginners on user level, at LOF (Liberal Enlightment "Union"). It was an open place where people could attend for free in the daytime, at evenings I ran paid courses.
  • From the 1987/09/01th to the 1988/05/01th studio technician at Radio Randers. Besides studio work, I worked in the news department. There I made "light" journalism and teached my co-worker use of IT.
  • From the 1992/01/03th to the 1993/04/19th blue collar worker at a furniture factory, Møbelfabrikken Toften A/S. The job consisted of furniture assembly and at the storage area where I controlled, packed and shipped the week production.
  • Blue collar worker at DB Industries A/S, in the timespan 1994/10/27th to the 1995/03/21th. There I did assembly work on a harvester, and a final inspection check.
  • On the 2000/03/22th started at Randers Centralsygehus (hospital), in the IT-department. The work consist of, among other things, PC/Printer installation, connection to network, registration of hardware, user administration, support, backup, hard-/software installation and programming of BAT(ch) and CMD files.


  • IT. I have for many years been into computer programming and this interest has sometime paid off. I have, among others, sold some programs to Commodore Data A/S (Denmark) and educated assembly programming for youth and adults, both at Randers computer club and Randers Commodore club.
  • I also like to tinker with electronics. It's always nice to be able to solder, when the household is full of electrical equipment. I've also constructed different stuff for the computer, e.g. a infrared transmitter/reciever.